Forgotten to check out?

Failure to check-out (for any reason) will result in a fine from the carrier. Your employer will receive the invoice for this and could charge these costs to you.

Did you forget to check out at the end of an NS train trip and are you able to go back ti the train station the same day? Then try to go back to the station and check out. If you do this within 6 hours after check-in, you will not be fined.

If you travel with a mobility card provided by Shuttel you can request a refund via

After you submitted your request you will see the amount of allocated restitution on your screen. At the bottom of the page you have the option to email the confirmation to yourself. You then have to go to a OV-chipkaart service machine to load the refund on your mobility card. You will then see this transaction in your personal portal.

Note: If you travel with an NS Business Card, you must request a refund in your personal NS portal. For more information click here.

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