Travelling on public transport

To travel on public transport you have to check in and check out.

Checking in and out

You check in at the card readers on the platform/at the station or in the bus. Hold your card in front of or against the card reader when boarding. You will usually see a green light or a message (‘Welcome’ or ‘Check-in OK’) on the card reader, and hear a ‘positive’ sound. When you check in at a gate, the gate will open. You check out in the same way.

NB: Some stations are served by trains from different public transport companies (NS, Arriva, Veolia, Connexxion or Syntus). Make sure you check in and out at the right company’s card reader.

Checking in and out when changing train, bus, tram or metro

If you only travel on NS trains, or only on the metro, then you don’t need to check in or out during your journey, but in these situations you do have to check in or out:

  • When changing bus or tram you always have to check out and in again.
  • If you change to another form of transport (e.g. from a train to a bus) you have to check out and in again.
  • If you change to another public transport company (e.g. from an NS train to an Arriva train) you also have to check out and in again.
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