Q-Park car parks

You can use the Yellowbrick function on your Shuttel card to park in Q-park P&R car parks and multi-storey car parks. You can find a list of Q-park car parks here. It works as follows:

Entering the car park

  • Insert the Shuttel card in the card reader (the system records the time when you entered the car park).
    • NB: Make sure you insert your card the right way round! Check that the magnetic strip is on the correct side. You can be sure you are inserting the card the right way round when you hold it with your thumb on your passport photo.
  • Remove your card.
  • The barrier will open and you can park your car.

Exiting the car park

  • Insert your Shuttel card in the card reader at the exit of the car park (the system calculates the exit time and the parking charges).
  • Remove your card from the reader.
  • The barrier will open and you can exit the car park.

If you are on foot, insert the Shuttel card in the opening of the card reader at the pedestrian entrance.

You can see a film about parking with Q-Park here.

Need help when entering or exiting the car park?

  • Press the information button* on the terminal where you insert your Shuttel card.
  • Make sure you have your Shuttel card to hand.
  • A Q-Park employee will help you.
  • Tell the employee that you are using Yellowbrick; your Yellowbrick number is shown on the front of your Shuttel card.

* The information button is connected with Q-Park 24 hours a day.

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