Refuelling in the Netherlands

Your employer can add the Travelcard service to your Shuttel card. You can use this for refuelling throughout the Netherlands, including discount filling stations away from motorways and self-service filling stations. That’s not just cheaper, it’s more convenient too.

To refuel you use your Shuttel card as a debit card at the filling station. You chose a PIN code when you registered for the Shuttel card. Your transactions will be automatically shown in your Shuttel portal.

Your employer decides whether you can use your Shuttel card for refuelling.

Forgotten your PIN code?

During your registration you chose your four-digit PIN code. If you have forgotten your PIN code you will need a new Shuttel card. Please contact our customer service. If you have used the wrong PIN 3 times, your Shuttel card will temporarily be blocked for refuelling. After 24 hours, you can use you Shuttel card for refuelling again.

Fuel expenses claim

If you can not use your Shuttel card, you can easily submit your claim through the Travel Card website. To log in you need two codes:   

  1. Travel Card number
  2. Unique Travel Card ID

If you are in possession of a DKV card you can find it on your DKV card (Travelcard NR and License Plate). If you do not have DKV card, please contact our customer service to request your codes.

After you retrieved your two codes you can proceed to submit your expenses claim:    Go to

  1. Choose login
  2. Choose the left login screen> Cardholders
  3. Fill 'card number' your Travel Card Number
  4. Fill 'Badge' Travelcard your unique ID
  5. Then choose the tab 'Declareren'
  6. Follow the instructions on the screen

After processing your claim, the refund wil be credited to your bank account. This transaction will also be included in your Shuttel Portal.

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