Refuelling in Europe with your DKV card

Refuelling in Europe with your DKV card

You can get a DKV card from your employer for refuelling in Europe (outside of the Netherlands). To make payments you use the PIN code that you chose when registering in the portal. Make sure you use the narrow magnetic strip! Your DKV card is linked to your car registration number, and is non-transferable.

DKV fuel stations in Europe

Click here to find your DKV fuel station in Europe.

Refuelling in the Netherlands with your Shuttel card

When you refuel your car in the Netherlands you pay with your normal Shuttel card (the card with photo). Your DKV card does not work in the Netherlands.

Forgotten your PIN code?

During your registration you chose your four-digit PIN code. If you have forgotten your PIN code, please contact our customer service.s.

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