Activating Greenwheels

To make use of Greenwheels you need a Shuttel card on which the Greenwheels
product is available. You can see in your portal whether the Greenwheels option has
been added to your card at your employer’s request.

  • Go to and click on  'Mobiliteitskaart'.
  • Click on 'Bekijken' to view the details of your mobilitycard.
  • Go to the heading 'Greenwheels'. Here you will find the Greenwheels activation link and  instructions. Beware: opening the activation link can take some time. 
  • You will recieve a confirmation from Greenwheels (within the hour). From that moment on you can use the your Greenwheels account. It van take up to one hour for your Greenwheels account to be activated afger you recieved the confirmation e-mail. (Therefore it can take up to two hours before you can make a reservation after the firt activation in your Shuttelportal).

Reserving a Greenwheels car

You can reserve a car at or with the Greenwheels app.

  • Choose a car on the map, select the time at which you need the car and click on
    ‘Reserve now’.
  • Log in with your business e-mailadress and password.
  • If you wish, you can now add a note and a destination to the reservation. You also confirm the reservation now.

Using a Greenwheels car

  • Unlock the car by holding your Shuttel card in front of the card reader behind
    the windscreen, or use the Greenwheels app or mobile website.
  • Take the on-board computer from the glove compartment and enter your
    four-figure PIN code.
  • Take the folder from the glove compartment. This shows all the damage that
    Greenwheels is aware of. Walk around the car and check it for damage. If there is
    any new damage, or the car is not clean, you should inform Greenwheels of this by
    calling +31 (0)88 2100100.
  • Answer the questions that appear on the on-board computer. Take the key out of
    the on-board computer. You can now start the car and drive away.

Filling your fuel tank

  • When you have switched off the engine, remove the fuel card from the on-board
  • The PIN code for the fuel card will appear on the display.
  • Make a note of this code, together with the mileage (you will have to enter these
    when you pay).
  • Open the fuel cap with the car key and start refuelling.
  • Pay with the Greenwheels fuel card and follow the instructions on the terminal.
    Answer the question of whether the car is a replacement vehicle ‘No’.
  • Always put the fuel card back into the on-board computer.

Ending your journey

When making a stop on your route, lock the car as normal with the key. When you
return to the pickup point, put the key back into the on-board computer. Then lock the
car by holding your Shuttel card in front of the card reader behind the windscreen,
or by using the Greenwheels app or mobile website.

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