Renting an OV-fiets (rental bicycle)
With your Shuttel card you can rent an OV-fiets rental bicycle. The bicycles are kept in a staffed or unstaffed cycle park, or a self-service bicycle locker. You can get a bicycle from the cycle park by
showing your Shuttel card. The employee there will help you with renting the bicycle. There are also bicycles available from ‘bicycle lockers’. You can recognise them by the OV-fiets logo on the side. One of the bicycle lockers will have a blue operating panel with a display and a numeric
NB: Bike that are rented from a locker must be returned to the same location. Bicycles rented from a staffed cycle park can be returned to another staffed cycle park, but this involves additional

How to rent an OV-fiets from a bicycle

  • Insert your Shuttel card in the metal slot.
  • The number of the locker door you can open will be shown on the display.
  • Take out the OV-fiets.
  • Carefully close the door. Wait until you see the message on the display that the door is locked.
  • When returning an OV-fiets, insert your Shuttel card in the metal slot of the blue operating panel. You will be asked if the bicycle is still in good condition. If that is not the case, you will be asked what is wrong with it. Replace the OV-fiets in the locker, carefully close the door and wait until you see the message on the display that the door is locked.
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